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Philip Barrington

Hi, I'm Philip Barrington. I live at Caves Beach, with my beautiful wife, Susan. Our three boys have flown the coup. I worship at All Saints Belmont. I have been an Anglican all my life.


Much of the website work I do, at the moment, is with WordPress. Lots of factors contributed that that dimension.

  1. WordPress currently is the engine behind about 25% of the web worldwide. This is am enormous web penetration.
  2. There is a very large community of people and developers who talk and exchange and continue the development of the WordPress. 
  3. The financial costs of deploying a WordPress site are significantly lower than many others.
  4. The resources for hosting WordPress websites are not onerous. This helps keep the cost of maintaining the site under control.
  5. The administration of a WordPress site once it us up and running is well within the capacity of anyone who can use software like Microsoft Word. Designated people can maintain and update the site without referring to 'experts'. This further controls costs and speeds up getting information onto your site.
  6. WordPress sites resolve to the browser time efficiently, reducing visitor frustration.
  7. There are excellent WordPress tools (plug ins) for Search Engine Optimisation, and readability.
  8. There is a proper division between content and presentation. This means that the site can maintain a consistent professional appearance from back to front with a minimum of effort by the site owner.

My Faith Position

accRose_GoldAnglicanism is a rich and diverse tradition encompassing just about everything from Zurich to Constantinople (and possibly a little further in both directions!). I celebrate our diversity, and I recognise, honour and value other positions. I think most people would describe me as moderately catholic in disposition. My aim is to to help people on their own journey rather than to help people onto my journey. In essence I lean a little to the East and don;t ask me about the filioque unless you have some time to spare.

I am both a creedle and a cradle Anglican, a trinitarian. I value the notion of One Church, One Faith, One Baptism.  I see the Bible as the authoritative record of the revelation of God. I am accepting, inclusive, and hopefully generous in my faith. I am a firm advocate of the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral, strong sensitivity to the 39 Articles and the Elizabethan Settlement.

I believe that the Church is called to share in the Mission of Jesus which is the reconciliation of all that is human with all that is divine. This was perfectly accomplished in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

What about other faith positions?

oikoumeneI have been sounded out once or twice about sites for congregations in other denominations. I am very open to that. My objective with all sites is to enable the community of faith to put its best foot forward. 

Anglicanism works for me, and I know that Anglicanism has its foibles and frustrations. Of course the problem is if I found a perfect Church I would probably muck it up by joining. 

For me part of the challenge of working with others is to listen and understand their story and find a way to express that.

So the answer there is, yes, I am very open to working with any community of faith. You are very welcome to contact me to discuss what you want to achieve.