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Hamilton Anglican

The Anglican Parish of Hamilton, Diocese of Ballarat

When I was rung about a website by the new Rector of Hamilton, of course I was posed with the challenge as I had already worked with the Parish of Hamilton in the Diocese of Newcastle. It is not that it is a competition, but rather that I needed to be strong about naming conventions in my own filing system.

The parish had previously had a website, which somehow fell through the cracks, and was lost, though we did manage to recover the url. The site reflects strongly the Anglican heritage of the parish, comprising five centres, and set in the western districts of Victoria. The background is modeled on the classic Anglican brocade cloister and the colours set to suit the coloring of the Hamilton Crest for the Parish Church, Christ Church Hamilton.

I was pleased to be able to create Google map interfaces for each centre as well as one for the whole parish showing all five centres.

The menu structure reflects the work areas of the (any)  parish. The site is responsive to the device viewing it, and as you scroll down a back to top arrow appears bottom right. On a desktop computer the menu is anchored to the top of the screen so is alway visible.

Much of what I have really liked about this site is some new ways of managing some of the workings at the back end of the site, which makes updating and running the site easier for those whose task it is.