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Parish Websites.

In general most parish websites are quite good. Some of course could be better, but that is life. We need to be abreast of changes in the internet. Parish Websites are often the first view many people get of our community of faith. Well designed, information rich, parish websites help make a good first impression.

Wednesday of the Twenty-fourth week in Ordinary Time

Anglican Women

Anglican Women

Anglican Women asked me to revise the web presence as they had formerly had a Drupal site they had found difficult to maintain. I set myself some design...

Raymond Terrace

The Church St John the Evangelist, Raymond Terrace, has a long, proud and catholic history in the Diocese of Newcastle. Some time back they had a website in...


Stockton Anglican

The Stockton Anglican site replaces an earlier html sit that had lost its way and become difficult to maintain and update. The site has taken some time to...

St Peters Hamilton

St Peters Hamilton

St Peters Hamilton is an iconic anglo-catholic parish in the Diocese of Newcastle. They have a long history of outstanding clergy and as a beacon of the tradition....

St James’ King Street Music Foundation

St James’ King Street is an iconic Church in Sydney, The oldest still working Church in the City of Sydney,  at the top of Macquarie Street and with...

Kotara South

Kotara Anglican

Kotara Anglican is the site for the Kotara South Parish. The Rector was keen for a strong, clean clean presence with a message. We obtained the permission of...

Moving To Stillness

Moving to Stillness s in a sense a different website in that it is promoting a book which represent and contemporary approach to the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in...

Woy Woy

Woy Woy Anglican

The Anglican parish of Woy Woy has has a website using wordpress and structured more as a blog than a Content Managed Website. The task was to find...

Theatre On Brunker

Theatre on Brunker

Theatre on Brunker is a community based ministry extension of S Stephens Adamstown. The theme used is a basic WordPress theme kept very simple and is hosted on...

CockleBay Anglican

Anglican Parish of Cockle Bay New Website for a Parish with a long history. The brief was brief, and the main purpose of the site is to introduce...

Parish Websites : Ministry - Mission - Message

Calendars, News Sheets and Sermons may be part of Parish Websites. Parish Websites help people stay in touch with church life. Parish Websites are tools for ministry and mission. They are not simply marketing. Parish Websites help us proclaim our message. Many people use mobile phones to browse the net. As a result 'responsive' design is a must. One of my tasks is to develop Parish Websites. I also help with websites for church groups. 

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Anglican Care held a special luncheon to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Hunter Anglican Care Auxiliary on Monday September 4 at Awaba House, Booragul. The luncheon honoured the Anglican Care Auxiliary members, a dynamic group of people have wo [read_on...]

Mad Hatters at Anglican Care A fantastic day was held at Anglican Care’s Scenic Lodge, Merewether recently with a Mad Hatters themed event. Games, concerts, dress ups, lovely food and loads of fun were the order of the day with residents having a gre [read_on...]

The Annual Church Crawl for the parishioners of St James Parish, Morpeth was enjoyed in bright sunshine on Saturday 26th August. It is so inspiring to see the many differing ways in which our Christian faith is expressed as a missional Church. The ch [read_on...]

On Friday 25 August more than 80 people from the community gathered in the Parish of Toronto church hall to mark Daffodil Day. Through the use of symbols people were invited to stand in solidarity with those who are grieving the loss of loved ones th [read_on...]

Nominations for Bishop of the Diocese closed last Monday afternoon, August 28.  The members of the Board thank all of those who have submitted names for its consideration, reflection and prayer. We also reaffirmed strongly at our meeting the importan [read_on...]

The first constitutional bishop for the Pacific island nation of Tonga is its third bishop since Anglican missionary Alfred Willis arrived in 1902. [read_on...]

A new training course to help priests appointed to interim ministry posts has been delivered by the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe. [read_on...]

A book of poems written by the girls of an Episcopal orphanage in Honduras has been published as a film about the girls screens at film festivals.  [read_on...]

The Anglican Church of Australia has issued a “heartfelt apology” to victims of domestic violence for failures in teaching and pastoral care. [read_on...]

The Archbishop of Canterbury is one of 18 global leaders and experts on a new United Nations High Level Advisory Board on Mediation. [read_on...]

THE Church of England needs to revisit the 2014 settlement that gave reassurances to the traditionalist minority at the time of the women-bishops vote, Sir Philip Mawer says in his review of the Sheffield affair. He proposes the setting up of a re... [read_on...]

THE botched nomination of the Rt Revd Philip North to the see of Sheffield in January this year stemmed from one simple omission, a review has found. It did not occur to anyone to ask whether the diocese would accept a diocesan bishop who did not ... [read_on...]

12 April 2016 The then Bishop of Sheffield, Dr Steven Croft, is announced as the next Bishop of Oxford. 6 July First meeting of the Sheffield vacancy-in-see committee (its members previously elected by the diocesan synod) 30 August Second meeti... [read_on...]

The Vicar of Sacred Trinity, Salford, Canon Andrew Salmon OUR church is effectively in the city centre of Manchester. Our population during the 20th century shrivelled away to almost nothing, but has now grown again to several thousand. These peop... [read_on...]

JUST six per cent of British adults read or listen to the Bible, pray at least once a week, and go to church at least once a month, suggests a new poll commissioned for the Archbishops’ Council Evangelism Task Force. The national mission and evang... [read_on...]

Meeting on 12-15 September in Lisbon, Portugal, the Joint Working Group (JWG) of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Roman Catholic Church focused its work on peace-building and the concerns of migrants. [read_on...]

Dr. Emily Welty is an assistant professor in Peace and Justice Studies at Pace University in New York City (USA). She also serves as vice moderator of the WCC Commission of the Churches on International Affairs. As an advocate for banning nuclear wea [read_on...]

In a 15 September letter to Swedish foreign affairs minister Margot Wallström, WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit expressed strong support for religious leaders in Sweden who have requested that Sweden take part in the next step towards e [read_on...]

Some forty professionals working on ecumenical relations in different member churches in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East as well as North and South America, are currently gathered in Geneva, Switzerland. Their four-day meeting [read_on...]

The World Council of Churches (WCC) on 14 September expressed its concern over the worsening situation of the Rohingya people in Myanmar. [read_on...]

The Anglican Parish of Hamilton, Diocese of Ballarat When I was rung about a website by the new Rector of Hamilton, of course I was posed with the challenge as I had already worked with the Parish of Hamilton in the Diocese of Newcastle. It is not th [read_on...]

Anglican Parish of Cockle Bay New Website for a Parish with a long history. The brief was brief, and the main purpose of the site is to introduce for to the parish, and hopefully encourage people to be part of the community of faith. The post CockleB [read_on...]

What is Filioque Filioque is a Latin word which translates as 'and the son'. The Filioque Clause are the three words added to the procession of the Holy Spirit in the Nicene Creed. We believe in the Holy Spirit the Lord, the giver of life w [read_on...]

Revised Site It's a few years since we last addressed the Cardiff site, fairly soon after their new Rector was inducted. Now that the parish has got a new rhythm when Canon Katherine asked me about a few changes, it seemed to me it was time to s [read_on...]

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right Anglican Church of Australia Australia The General Synod of the Australian Church functions as a forum for the 23 Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia, grouped into 5 provinces or regions. The Genera [read_on...]

People from the Central Coast Deanery gathered at Holy Family Church, Wyoming. The Ahli Arab Hospital is a haven of peace in the middle of Gaza, one of the world’s most troubled places. A Palestinian territory (41km long x 12km at its widest), with a [read_on...]

Australia has its first female Anglican archbishop with Kay Goldsworthy to lead the church in WA. She was a guest speaker at the recent Anglican Women Australia Conference held in Newcastle. We congratulate her on this next stage of her ministry and [read_on...]

Anglican Women have again organised the Silent retreats for women which are held each year in Lent. The venue for February 2018 will be the Catalina Conference Centre at Rathmines, situated on the western shores of beautiful Lake Macquarie, between T [read_on...]

Anglican Women’s Sunday is held on the last Sunday in July each year. This year it will fall on Sunday 30th July. Its purpose is to celebrate ALL Anglican women across the Diocese and the good work they do on behalf of your parish, the community and [read_on...]

It has just been announced that: The Revd Canon Katherine Bowyer, Rector of the Parish of Cardiff  since 2013 and Director of Formation, is to be the next Dean of Newcastle! She is the first woman to take this role and also the first to be locally bo [read_on...]

ABC OnlineDonald Trump warns United States will 'totally destroy' North Korea if threatened at UN debutABC OnlineUS President Donald Trump has vowed to "totally destroy" North Korea unless it backs down from its weapons programs, [read_on...]

The AustralianSSM scandal: job lost over No voteThe AustralianA Christian teenager who was “fired” from a children's party business in Canberra has defended her right to speak out in support of traditional marriage after being accused of homopho [read_on...]

The AustralianBank queue sparked fireball in branchThe AustralianA man sick of waiting for service at a suburban Melbourne bank will stand trial on multiple charges after he allegedly started a fire which destroyed the branch, and burned staff and cu [read_on...]

ABC OnlineHurricane Maria: Storm pummels Dominica; barrels toward US Virgin Islands, Puerto RicoABC OnlineHurricane Maria, the second major storm to hit the Caribbean this month, is pushing towards the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico after ripping [read_on...]

Daily MailWoman dies after 'stolen car' crashes following police chase - as two other flee the scene unharmedDaily MailA woman is dead after a wild police chase of an allegedly stolen car ended in a horrific crash in Victoria. Police chased [read_on...]

My Name is Brett. I made this account just now to ask some questions. I am 21 years old, just became religious. I've only read John and parts of Acts so far and I want to know if I should be rebaptised. I was as an infant but never really got in [read_on...]

This thread was split automatically after 1000 replies and this thread has been automatically created. The old thread automatically closed is here: "A Letter that ends in a word begins in the next!!" A Letter that ends in a word begins in t [read_on...]

We are saved by faith only!!! Oh wait.... 1. Man is saved by Hope Romans 8:24 2. Man is saved by Grace Ephesians 2:8 3. Man is saved by Faith Acts 16:31 4. Man is saved by Mercy Titus 3:5 5. Man is saved by Words Acts 11:14 6. Man is saved by the Wor [read_on...]

First, all a vegan eats is a plant based diet with no animal products. Please refrain from giving recipes with animal products. Some ingredients may slip by you like certain gelatins that carry meat by product. Please research ingredients. That said [read_on...]

This thread was split automatically after 1000 replies and this thread has been automatically created. The old thread automatically closed is here: "A-Z of short words (5 letters and under) (3)" A-Z of short words (5 letters and under) (4) [read_on...]

Are Anglicans of all stripes united in the belief that Jesus is present in the Eucharist? Is there room for disagreement among individual churches without breaking their communion with the others? I'm pretty ignorant of anything not Latin-rite C [read_on...]

Hello everybody. Hopefully you can help me. As I wrote in my welcome post I'm into Victorian era and currently I'm writing a story (historical fiction) about cholera outbreak in London 1854. I've few questions about God's punishme [read_on...]

Hello everybody. I hope this is a right place to raise my question. But first introduction. My name is Monika and I'm from Poland. I'm into Victorian era and currently I'm writing a story (historical fiction) about cholera outbreak in [read_on...]

View attachment 808 ACNA bishops vote for the status quo on women's orders 08 Sep 2017 Author: College of Bishops A Statement from the College of Bishops on the Ordination of Women September 7, 2017 PREAMBLE In an act of mutual submission at the [read_on...]

This thread is for anyone to add prayers for rosary prayers and share our rosary stories, and resources. If you pray the rosary and have special concerns or prayers you would like to share with others, you can include them here. I will be praying the [read_on...]

A man sent from God

agnesdeiThere was a man sent from God, whose name was John. He came as a witness to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him.

John 1:6-7

All shall be well

Mother Julian Of NorwichAll shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

Mother Julian of Norwich

On this day in history

  • World History
  • 1066 King Harald III of Norway and Tostig Godwinson his English ally fought and defeated the Northern Earls Edwin and Morcar in the Battle of Fulford near York England.
  • 1498 A tsunami caused by the Meio Nankaido earthquake washed away the building housing the statue of the Great Buddha at Kotoku-in in Kamakura Japan.
  • 1971 Hurricane Irene moved west from Nicaragua and crossed from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific the first known tropical cyclone to do so.
  • 1984 The Cosby Show which became one of three U.S. shows to have the highest ratings five years in a row aired its pilot episode.
  • 2011 The United States ended its "don't ask don't tell" policy allowing gays and lesbians to openly serve in the military.

Newcastle, NSW Australia

Each Anglican diocese has its own unique name. the Diocese of Newcastle (NSW) came into being by Royal letters patent in 1847. The Diocese of Newcastle UK came into being by act of the English parliament in 1882. Many think we copied the English, however on this occasion the English copied the Aussies!

My home diocese is Newcastle, N.S.W. Australia. So, if I don't say, assume I mean Australia.