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Parish Websites.

In general most parish websites are quite good. Some of course could be better, but that is life. We need to be abreast of changes in the internet. Parish Websites are often the first view many people get of our community of faith. Well designed, information rich, parish websites help make a good first impression.

Thursday of the Second week of Advent

St James’ King Street Music Foundation

St James’ King Street is an iconic Church in Sydney, The oldest still working Church in the City of Sydney,  at the top of Macquarie Street and with...

Theatre On Brunker

Theatre on Brunker

Theatre on Brunker is a community based ministry extension of S Stephens Adamstown. The theme used is a basic WordPress theme kept very simple and is hosted on...

Taree Anglican

Taree Anglican

Taree Anglican is the result of a decision by the Parish to update their web presence. They had been served by an html site focussed on St Johns,...

S Stephens

S Stephens Adamstown

S Stephens Adamstown is renown for the richness of its worship, it commitment to social justice, it’s involvement with the arts. The message is clear and celebrates the...

St James Morpeth

St James Morpeth is at the heart of the history of the Diocese of Newcastle, and 2015 is their 175th anniversary. They have had  a site for some...

Kurri Anglican

Kurri Anglican is a revised website for the Parish with a more clean lines approach endeavouring to reflect a contemporary image to visitors to the site. The Parish...

Telarah Rutherford


The Parish of Telarah Rutherford had a site previously that they had found awkward to update. The brief was for a bold site that put forward some of...

Moving To Stillness

Moving to Stillness s in a sense a different website in that it is promoting a book which represent and contemporary approach to the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in...

Harrington Anglican

Harrington Anglican

Harrington Anglican is a website for the Parish of Harrington Coopernook. There are six centres in the parish and a real effort has been made to ensure that each...

Cardiff Anglican

Revised Site It's a few years since we last addressed the Cardiff site, fairly soon after their new Rector was inducted. Now that the parish has got a...

Parish Websites : Ministry - Mission - Message

Calendars, News Sheets and Sermons may be part of Parish Websites. Parish Websites help people stay in touch with church life. Parish Websites are tools for ministry and mission. They are not simply marketing. Parish Websites help us proclaim our message. Many people use mobile phones to browse the net. As a result 'responsive' design is a must. One of my tasks is to develop Parish Websites. I also help with websites for church groups. 

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The Ordinations to the Diaconate and the Priesthood were held at Christ Church Cathedral on Saturday December 9, 2017. A full congregation came together to celebrate the Holy Eucharist as the Rev’d Michael Marklew, the Rev’d Amanda Brockwell, the Rev [read_on...]

Christmas time sees more people needing help from Samaritans’ Emergency Relief services. The Samaritans ER’s are in urgent need of long life milk, pasta sauce, rice/noodles, tinned tuna/salmon/meat, nappies/toiletries, dog and cat food. If you are in [read_on...]

All Saints in the Christmas Spirit All Saints, Anna Bay held a wonderful Christmas Market and amazing carols last week! Check out the fabulous photos! Jingle Bells at Scone Grammar Scone Grammar School held a wonderful, bright and happy Carol Service [read_on...]

Advent Procession at St James’ Morpeth St James’ Morpeth held their annual Advent Procession on Sunday December 3. This is the 17th year that the Advent Procession has been held at St James’, under the musical direction of Margaret Nichol. The St Jam [read_on...]

It is award season at some of our Anglican schools, as Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College (BTAC) and Scone Grammar School (SGS) recognised students at their presentation nights. It was a very special morning at Scone Grammar School at the Kinder to Year [read_on...]

A new suffragan bishop in the Diocese of Polynesia has been consecrated under a make-shift shelter on the island of Vanua Levu. [read_on...]

The US-based Episcopal Relief & Development agency is responding to major wildfires sweeping across Southern California. [read_on...]

ExxonMobil says it will comply with a C of E climate change resolution, as a paris summit discusses new ways to address the “emergency”. [read_on...]

Bishops in Brazil have spoken out against police abuse of power after the Rector of the Federal University of Santa Catarina killed himself. [read_on...]

A pastoral team from the Christian Conference of Asia are reporting “grave human rights violations and repression” of West Papuans. [read_on...]

A NEW film, The Man who Invented Christmas (Cert. PG), claims that the inventor was Charles Dickens. It might be truer to say that he helped shape what it is today. Prince Albert’s popularisation of the Christmas tree, for instance, occurred at ab... [read_on...]

NINE men were ordained this week as the first deacons and priests of the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE), the breakaway conservative Evangelical movement that seeks to plant Anglican churches in England but outside the Church of Eng­­land. The ... [read_on...]

DIOCESES may struggle to cope financially with the national target of adding 50 per cent to the number of ordinands by 2020, a Church Times survey suggests. A questionnaire sent to diocesan secretaries and directors of ordinands discovered that, a... [read_on...]

THERE is a real danger that a “hard” border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic could reawaken, in a detrimental way, differences from the past that had lost their importance after 20 years of the Good Friday Agreement, the Archbishop ... [read_on...]

BRITAIN is “dangerously complicit” in an “almighty catastrophe of biblical proportions” unfolding in Yemen, the House of Commons was warned last week. Despite the partial lifting of the blockade by the Saudi-led coalition (News, 17 November), the ... [read_on...]

“Christ is born” declares a drawing by Kenyan schoolboy Richard Ochieng, whose work is featured on the WCC’s Christmas card this year. [read_on...]

The Coptic Church does not have to worry about the future of its monasteries. Many young Copts want to become monks or nuns. That was not always the case. In the late 1960s, monasticism in Egypt was close to extinction. [read_on...]

Amid continuing tensions on the Korean Peninsula, Christians in Seoul are hoping the fragile light of candles will illumine a path to peace. Along with Christian groups around the world, they are holding candlelight vigils for peace during the season [read_on...]

At a Church Leaders Meeting from 4-8 December at the Ecumenical Centre and Bossey Ecumenical Institute, representatives of faith communities across the world had the opportunity to interact with the World Council of Churches (WCC) and with each other [read_on...]

In an official ceremony on 10 December that reflected a lifetime of work for many peacemakers, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) executive director Beatrice Fihn joined the world in celebration but also sent a clear message: th [read_on...]

The Anglican Parish of Hamilton, Diocese of Ballarat When I was rung about a website by the new Rector of Hamilton, of course I was posed with the challenge as I had already worked with the Parish of Hamilton in the Diocese of Newcastle. It is not th [read_on...]

Anglican Parish of Cockle Bay New Website for a Parish with a long history. The brief was brief, and the main purpose of the site is to introduce for to the parish, and hopefully encourage people to be part of the community of faith. The post CockleB [read_on...]

What is Filioque Filioque is a Latin word which translates as 'and the son'. The Filioque Clause are the three words added to the procession of the Holy Spirit in the Nicene Creed. We believe in the Holy Spirit the Lord, the giver of life w [read_on...]

Revised Site It's a few years since we last addressed the Cardiff site, fairly soon after their new Rector was inducted. Now that the parish has got a new rhythm when Canon Katherine asked me about a few changes, it seemed to me it was time to s [read_on...]

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right Anglican Church of Australia Australia The General Synod of the Australian Church functions as a forum for the 23 Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia, grouped into 5 provinces or regions. The Genera [read_on...]

$7,500 has been raised through the Anglican Women’s Thank You Boxes for the Kairos Outside for Women-Hunter weekends over the last year. Their Chaplain, The Revd Jan Deaves, advises that this is enough for 15 women to attend a weekend. Here they can [read_on...]

A Quiet Day has been organised by MU, to which all are welcome, at St Mary’s Anglican Church, 68 Church Street, Maitland, on Wednesday, 18th October. It will commence at 9.30am and finish at 12. The post MU Quiet Day at Maitland appeared first on Ang [read_on...]

People from the Central Coast Deanery gathered at Holy Family Church, Wyoming. The Ahli Arab Hospital is a haven of peace in the middle of Gaza, one of the world’s most troubled places. A Palestinian territory (41km long x 12km at its widest), with a [read_on...]

Australia has its first female Anglican archbishop with Kay Goldsworthy to lead the church in WA. She was a guest speaker at the recent Anglican Women Australia Conference held in Newcastle. We congratulate her on this next stage of her ministry and [read_on...]

Anglican Women has again organised the Silent retreats for women which are held each year in Lent. The venue for February 2018 will be the Catalina Conference Centre at Rathmines, situated on the western shores of beautiful Lake Macquarie, between To [read_on...]

This RSS feed URL is deprecated, please update. New URLs can be found in the footers at [read_on...]

The Sydney Morning HeraldJeff Horn sets up massive 2018 fight with Terence Crawford after pummelling Gary Corcoran in BrisbaneThe Sydney Morning HeraldJeff Horn stands on the verge of huge fight with Terence Crawford in 2018 after stopping Gary Corco [read_on...]

The AustralianDemocrats' Alabama win upsets Trump agendaThe AustralianDonald Trump has been dealt a stunning blow with the victory of a Democratic Senate candidate in conservative Alabama, leaving the Republican majority in the US Senate on a kn [read_on...]

The Sydney Morning HeraldBennelong ReachTEL poll: voters shift away from John Alexander but endorse China scrutinyThe Sydney Morning HeraldThe Coalition holds a clear lead over Labor two days out from the Bennelong byelection, as Prime Minister Malco [read_on...] the Karen Ristevski case has unfolded so investigation into the death of Karen Ristevski took many twists and turns even before her husband was arrested this morning. Borce Ristevski was arrested by the Missing Pers [read_on...]

Supreme Court sounds skeptical of Colorado baker's refusal to make a wedding cake for gay couple It looks interesting, it's not exactly what I expected. There's lots of tough questions. Justice Kennedy agrees that Colorado's statu [read_on...]

What is truth? All I can make of it is, Truth is like a dove that comes with healing under it,s wings. Or what do others make of it? [read_on...]

I have been thinking recently after talking to my pastor about the case of Masterpiece Cakes v.s Colorado, and the whole thing makes me thankful to be a Lutheran. And at the same time, I'm even more fearful and bewildered by the fact American Ch [read_on...]

Having older brothers tied to being gay, if you're a guy - CNN (CNN)If you're a guy with an older brother, there's an increased chance you're gay. Scientists have noticed this pattern in previous research, but now they think they [read_on...]

No church is perfect while we are in it! But let us give thanks for our local church. I give thanks for mine! It is a vibrant Community Church reaching out city wide and global. It is Pentecostal,charismatic and evangelical. It is God glorifying,Chri [read_on...]

I’ve heard a lot of different opinions on praying/worshipping of Mary, and I was wondering if there was scripture that supports people’s stance on praying toMary or saints. And if not what are some passages that are against praying to dead people/sai [read_on...]

Taking into account that many of us will have a variety of translations, is there one that you consider to be your "main" translation? [read_on...]

Dear Friends, We are quickly coming to Christmas and the New Year. Offered here are prayers for the Advent Season. May God bless you and your family as we reflect on the coming of Jesus Christ. Everyone's reflections and prayers for the season a [read_on...]

Hey, I’m just an Anglican from New England. I’ve been an Anglican since 2006 and was recently confirmed. I’ve had a lot of Roman Catholic education so I’m not to certain about all things Anglican just most of the basics. I’ve been reading some of the [read_on...]

I'm appalled: Being a collector of bible translations myself, besides having studied several foreign languages as well as having some acquaintance with the art o [read_on...]

The living bread

SacramentI am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats of this bread will live for ever; and the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.

John 6:41

Carl Barth on Care

ChristusNo community, whether family, village or state, is really strong if it will not carry its weak and even its very weakest members…A community which regards and treats its weak members as a hindrance, and even proceeds to their extermination, is on the verge of collapse.

Karl Barth ~ Church Dogmatics III.4

On this day in history

  • Australian History
  • 1909 New South Wales Premier Charles Wade signs the Seat of Government Surrender Act 1909, formally completing the transfer of State land to the Commonwealth to create the Australian Capital Territory.
  • Church History
  • 1591 John of the Cross, Spanish priest and saint (b. 1542) died.
  • World History
  • 0557 A large earthquake severely damaged the city of Constantinople.
  • 1836 The Toledo War the mostly bloodless boundary dispute between Ohio and the adjoining Territory of Michigan unofficially ended with a resolution passed by the controversial "Frostbitten Convention".
  • 1913 Haruna the fourth and last ship of the Kongo-class was launched eventually becoming one of the Japanese workhorses during World War I and World War II.
  • 1994 Construction on the Three Gorges Dam began on the Yangtze River in China.
  • 2004 Cuba and Venezuela founded the Alliance for the Americas an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the integration of Latin American and Caribbean nations.

Newcastle, NSW Australia

Each Anglican diocese has its own unique name. the Diocese of Newcastle (NSW) came into being by Royal letters patent in 1847. The Diocese of Newcastle UK came into being by act of the English parliament in 1882. Many think we copied the English, however on this occasion the English copied the Aussies!

My home diocese is Newcastle, N.S.W. Australia. So, if I don't say, assume I mean Australia.