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Parish Websites.

In general most parish websites are quite good. Some of course could be better, but that is life. We need to be abreast of changes in the internet. Parish Websites are often the first view many people get of our community of faith. Well designed, information rich, parish websites help make a good first impression.

Monday of the Second week of Lent

Telarah Rutherford


The Parish of Telarah Rutherford had a site previously that they had found awkward to update. The brief was for a bold site that put forward some of...

Raymond Terrace

The Church St John the Evangelist, Raymond Terrace, has a long, proud and catholic history in the Diocese of Newcastle. Some time back they had a website in...

Theatre On Brunker

Theatre on Brunker

Theatre on Brunker is a community based ministry extension of S Stephens Adamstown. The theme used is a basic WordPress theme kept very simple and is hosted on...

Cursillo Newcastle

Cursillo Newcastle

Cursillo Newcastle ask me to work on a site, and I wanted to catch something of the De Colores – may the colours of God’s Love go with you...

S Stephens

S Stephens Adamstown

S Stephens Adamstown is renown for the richness of its worship, it commitment to social justice, it’s involvement with the arts. The message is clear and celebrates the...

Kotara South

Kotara Anglican

Kotara Anglican is the site for the Kotara South Parish. The Rector was keen for a strong, clean clean presence with a message. We obtained the permission of...

Belmont Anglican

All Saints Belmont was my first parish website. As a member of the parish I feel a strong connection to what the site is about and I understood...

Anglican Women

Anglican Women

Anglican Women asked me to revise the web presence as they had formerly had a Drupal site they had found difficult to maintain. I set myself some design...

St Peters Hamilton

St Peters Hamilton

St Peters Hamilton is an iconic anglo-catholic parish in the Diocese of Newcastle. They have a long history of outstanding clergy and as a beacon of the tradition....

Hamilton Anglican

The Anglican Parish of Hamilton, Diocese of Ballarat When I was rung about a website by the new Rector of Hamilton, of course I was posed with the...

Parish Websites : Ministry - Mission - Message

Calendars, News Sheets and Sermons may be part of Parish Websites. Parish Websites help people stay in touch with church life. Parish Websites are tools for ministry and mission. They are not simply marketing. Parish Websites help us proclaim our message. Many people use mobile phones to browse the net. As a result 'responsive' design is a must. One of my tasks is to develop Parish Websites. I also help with websites for church groups. 

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Are you a carer of an older person? If yes, Anglican Care are offering free respite for a limited time at one of their spacious homes set in the beautiful town of Bulahdelah. Whilst staying with us, our respite residents are able to enjoy the provisi [read_on...]

Bishop Peter visits Woy Woy Seven of the Parish of Woy Woy kids were presented as communicant members of the Anglican Church, and two were also baptised, when Bishop Peter visited the church last week. Messy Church at Kotara A sweetener for the teach [read_on...]

Dear sisters and brothers, I am delighted to inform you that the Diocesan Council has concurred with my nomination of the Venerable Canon Sonia Roulston to become the Assistant Bishop (Inland Episcopate) to exercise episcopal ministry in the Upper Hu [read_on...]

The Installation and Commissioning of The Right Reverend Dr Peter Stuart took place on Friday 2 February 2018 in Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. As dusk settled over the City of Newcastle, guests from far and wide to celebrate our new Bishop. It w [read_on...]

Chinese New Year celebrations will return in style to Newcastle Foreshore next month with the Light Up Newcastle lantern walk set to be the feature of an afternoon full of cultural festivities. Launched on Tuesday at the Newcastle Maritime Museum, th [read_on...]

Bishop Irfan Jamil has stressed the need to “proclaim the gospel boldly” as the first of five components for Christian life and witness. [read_on...]

Christians across the world from many denominations are praying today for peace in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. [read_on...]

The University of the South is facing a growing backlash over its decision not to rescind an honorary degree to journalist Charlie Rose. [read_on...]

The Bishop of Egypt receives an award from Archbishop Justin Welby, for his “invaluable” contribution to the work of peace and reconciliation. [read_on...]

Archbishop Justin Welby is backing Pope Francis’ call for tomorrow to be set aside as a day of prayer and fasting for South Sudan & Congo. [read_on...]

AN ACCOUNT of worshippers being dragged from a church by government soldiers then raped or shot, their elder hung from a tree, is among the testimonies published in a new UN report on South Sudan, published on the day Pope Francis and Archbishop W... [read_on...]

IT WOULD be a “tragedy” if the Oxfam sexual abuse scandal resulted in a cut to the foreign-aid budget, the Archbishop of Canterbury said on Tuesday. Revelations of sexual abuse by Oxfam staff in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake of 2010 (News,... [read_on...]

THE nuns of All Hallows Convent, Ditchingham, in Norfolk, are giving away the buildings and the nine-acre grounds to whoever can successfully reimagine the site as a place of Christian community for the 21st century. The seven Sisters of All Hallo... [read_on...]

THE 2018 Church Times Train-A-Priest Fund is now well under way, and the first donations are arriving. The TAP Fund, which began in 1952, has enabled readers to give generously every year to support ordinands who struggle financially during their ... [read_on...]

LICENSED Readers in the diocese of York are being invited to consider ordination to the diaconate under a scheme proposed by the Archbishop of York, Dr Sentamu. In a letter to all licensed lay Readers and Readers with permission to officiate in th... [read_on...]

World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit extended his congratulations to Dr Casely Essamuah, who has been selected as next secretary of the Global Christian Forum (GCF). Essamuah will take up the position on 1 July, follow [read_on...]

A group of German ecumenical activists including former WCC general secretary Konrad Raiser has criticised the German government for its failure to support the United Nations treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons. “It has become clear to many [read_on...]

In June last year, human rights advocate Raanan Mallek appeared as one of the ”12 Faces of Hope” in WCC’s #SeekJusticeAndPeace campaign to commemorate 50 years of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Last week he participated in the ”Meetin [read_on...]

Beginning 1 March, the World Council of Churches is encouraging its fellowship and partners to join the Lott Carey “31 Days of Prayer for Women’s Empowerment,” which is also the 6th Anniversary Global Women’s Prayer Guide. [read_on...]

Bishop Dr Fredrick O. Shoo is presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT). He is also author of a “Welcome” in the Handbook for the upcoming World Council of Churches Conference on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME). Here, [read_on...]

The Anglican Parish of Hamilton, Diocese of Ballarat When I was rung about a website by the new Rector of Hamilton, of course I was posed with the challenge as I had already worked with the Parish of Hamilton in the Diocese of Newcastle. It is not th [read_on...]

Anglican Parish of Cockle Bay New Website for a Parish with a long history. The brief was brief, and the main purpose of the site is to introduce for to the parish, and hopefully encourage people to be part of the community of faith. The post CockleB [read_on...]

What is Filioque Filioque is a Latin word which translates as 'and the son'. The Filioque Clause are the three words added to the procession of the Holy Spirit in the Nicene Creed. We believe in the Holy Spirit the Lord, the giver of life w [read_on...]

Revised Site It's a few years since we last addressed the Cardiff site, fairly soon after their new Rector was inducted. Now that the parish has got a new rhythm when Canon Katherine asked me about a few changes, it seemed to me it was time to s [read_on...]

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right Anglican Church of Australia Australia The General Synod of the Australian Church functions as a forum for the 23 Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia, grouped into 5 provinces or regions. The Genera [read_on...]

Unfortunately, we have had to change the date of Retreat 2 – the weekday one, to the following week. So it will be from Tuesday 27 February 4pm to Thursday 1st March 3pm. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. The post NOTE: Change of da [read_on...]

Registrations for the two silent Lent retreats for women, to be held at the Catalina Conference Centre at Rathmines on Lake Macquarie, are coming in well. We can confirm that both the Weekend (16-18th February) and the weekday (20-22nd February) will [read_on...]

TOUCHING CHRIST’S WOUNDS Sermon presented by The Revd Dr Barbara Howard at Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle, on the 25th Anniversary of Women’s Priesting in the Diocese of Newcastle: ‘Jesus said to Thomas, “Put your finger here and see my hands. Re [read_on...]

$7,500 has been raised through the Anglican Women’s Thank You Boxes for the Kairos Outside for Women-Hunter weekends over the last year. Their Chaplain, The Revd Jan Deaves, advises that this is enough for 15 women to attend a weekend. Here they can [read_on...]

People from the Central Coast Deanery gathered at Holy Family Church, Wyoming. The Ahli Arab Hospital is a haven of peace in the middle of Gaza, one of the world’s most troubled places. A Palestinian territory (41km long x 12km at its widest), with a [read_on...]

This RSS feed URL is deprecated, please update. New URLs can be found in the footers at [read_on...]

Brisbane TimesGold Coast road rage victim had taken on late step-father's role supporting familyBrisbane TimesDuring the past month, Brock Prime had stepped up to fill his late step-father's shoes as one of the main breadwinners in his fami [read_on...]

The AustralianBarnaby Joyce spotted house hunting as accuser Catherine Marriott speaks outThe AustralianThe National Farmers' Federation's leadership team has hit out at the National Party, expressing support for the woman who has accused B [read_on...]

SBS'Saudi Arabia of the south': Bernardi backs nuclear waste dump in SASBSThe Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi has backed a high-level nuclear waste dump as a core party policy ahead of the SA election. Updated Updated 2 hours [read_on...]

ABC OnlineWater 'coming out of the cupboards' as flash floods hit Canberra homesABC OnlineThe lasting legacy of Chinese-Australian merchants who started some of Shanghai's early department stores. Former PM Tony Abbott speaks about Bar [read_on...]

THIS IS [read_on...]

A question for Theists, given the Scriptures of most of the major religions are old and given that morality* has moved on since most of the scriptures were wrote. How do you bridge the gap between what is clearly in the your scriptures and your Consc [read_on...]

The Rev. Billy Graham, prominent Christian evangelist, dead at 99, Fox News confirms [read_on...]

Hello everyone. I'm 22 years old and I only became a Christian since March of this year. I am still new to the faith but I am very excited to further my journey with God. A year ago today I never would have imagined myself loving reading the bib [read_on...]

In the bible, it's not right to have relations with a divorced woman. I have a sibling who is have a relation with a woman who left her partner and child to be with my brother. I am against his decision to be with her. But he says that the woman [read_on...]

I’ve heard a lot of different opinions on praying/worshipping of Mary, and I was wondering if there was scripture that supports people’s stance on praying toMary or saints. And if not what are some passages that are against praying to dead people/sai [read_on...]

View attachment 904 Billy Graham Bore Witness for 99 Years He was perhaps the most significant evangelist since the Apostle Paul. By Russell Moore Feb. 21, 2018 6:26 p.m. ET I remember the scene well: Years ago I was sitting in the pews of an almost- [read_on...]

The history of crucifixes in Anglicanism is a murky one to be sure, with Cranmer calling for banning them on the one hand, but with several pivotal Anglican theologians, such as Lancelot Andrewes and John Cosin using them in their own parishes. Even [read_on...]

Are Anglicans of all stripes united in the belief that Jesus is present in the Eucharist? Is there room for disagreement among individual churches without breaking their communion with the others? I'm pretty ignorant of anything not Latin-rite C [read_on...]

This thread is for anyone to add prayers for rosary prayers and share our rosary stories, and resources. If you pray the rosary and have special concerns or prayers you would like to share with others, you can include them here. I will be praying the [read_on...]

Our Hearts are Restless

NavigationBecause God has made us for Himself, our hearts are restless until they rest in Him.”

Augustine of Hippo – The Confessions

A man sent from God

agnesdeiThere was a man sent from God, whose name was John. He came as a witness to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him.

John 1:6-7

On this day in history

  • Church History
  • 0420 Porphyry of Gaza Greek bishop and saint (b. 347) died
  • World History
  • 0364 Following the death of the Roman emperor Jovian officers of the army at Nicaea in Bithynia selected Flavius Valentinianus to succeed him.
  • 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from Elba an island off the coast of Italy where he had been exiled after the signing of the Treaty of Fontainebleau one year earlier.
  • 1917 New Orleans' Original Dixieland Jass Band recorded "Livery Stable Blues" the first jazz single ever released.
  • 1936 Over 1400 troops of the Imperial Japanese Army staged a coup d'etat in Japan occupying Tokyo and killing Finance Minister Takahashi Korekiyo and several other leading politicians.
  • 1995 Barings Bank the oldest merchant bank in London collapsed after its head derivatives trader in Singapore Nick Leeson lost

Newcastle, NSW Australia

Each Anglican diocese has its own unique name. the Diocese of Newcastle (NSW) came into being by Royal letters patent in 1847. The Diocese of Newcastle UK came into being by act of the English parliament in 1882. Many think we copied the English, however on this occasion the English copied the Aussies!

My home diocese is Newcastle, N.S.W. Australia. So, if I don't say, assume I mean Australia.